EmTech Investment Meeting 2020

22 January


The third Day will showcase Global AML Regulations in Practice and cover the hottest topic of the space: the Travel Rule and Data Privacy. Speakers from governmental and intergovernmental bodies are invited for participation in the open discussion with business and international associations. Open VASP showcase revolutionary united Lykke, Seba, Bitcoin Suisse and Sygnum for common work on solutions for the whole community. How AML Regulation will be applied? How to be a FATF compliant? Are there alternative options? What can the business do to become compliant and what are the solutions to be used, - are the target questions of the day. Join us and get the answers.


Michael J. Casey

Chief Content Officer at CoinDesk

Zurab Ashvil

Founder & CEO of L3COS

Jason Hsu

Legislator and Congressman
in the Legislative Yuan Republic
of China (Taiwan)


Head of Risk Management
at Bitcoin Suisse

Chris Gschwend

Senior Compliance Advisor at MME AG

Nathan Kaiser

Chairperson at Cardano Foundation

Ron Tucker

Co-founder of IDAXA

Delphine Forma

Head of Compliance
Advisory and Partnerships
at Lykke Business


Head of RegTech at Sygnum

Biba Homsy

Founder of Luxembourg
Blockchain Association

Anna Poullain

Freelance Journalist for Vice,
Getty Video and Reuters

Anson Zeall

Executive Director

Guido Rudolphi

Head Crypto Competence Center
at SEBA Bank AG

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