EmTech Investment Meeting 2020


For our special guests are available accommodation options. It would be easier for us to meet your expectations if you let us know: preferable location and number of people.

We have a wide range of apartment that could suit any (choice and budget): starting from studios (9155 EUR), flats and private chalets for you and your partners.

Available for EmTech IM partners only.

For more details contact: contact@em-tech.org

Some of the available options for EmTech IM partners:

Davos Platz

Davos Dorf



EmTech IM Team:contact@em-tech.org

Quantum Leap Strategy
Alena Yudina, CEO
E-mail: A.Yudina@QLAlliance.com
WhatsApp: +41 79 2695360
Telegram: @aljona_yudina
WeChat: aljona_yudina

Anna Palmina, Managing Director
E-mail: business@palmina-invest.com
WhatsApp: +41 79 8417911
Telegram: @annapalmina
WeChat: anna_palmina