EmTech Investment Meeting 2020

Plan your week

January in Davos is a hot season, over a hundred events take place during the Conferences week 19-27th of January. In order not to get lost and make the most of this week, we would like to arrange your schedule and navigate through a countless number of conferences, workshops and parties.

Please, let us now what is your main objective coming to Davos and we arrange the most suitable agenda including invitations to the most exclusive events of our partners. Time in Davos can boost your business. In order to make it most efficient, we would recommend to pay attention to the following nuances:


Davos conferences week is full of different kind of events. It can appear attractive to visit everything, but we would advise to make a schedule of meetings and most suitable your business goals events in advance. Please contact us in case you need assistance.


Having business meetings in any format in Davos is beneficial. But hosting your own event or private dinner, where you can invite your business circle might be a good option for you and your company to show care of your partner's time and a high class meeting standards. We are ready to help your ideas meet Davos guests expectations.


What if work can be done not just at the round table? Consider a ski weekend with your potential or current partners to make business relationship closer. We can assist you at any step of your Ski weekend plans.

Come with Family

What a pleasure to be surrounded by loved ones, when it comes to such a beautiful place as Davos. Make your family stay comfortable while you are doing business.We can help with planning and arrangements as we believe that business goes better when your motivation is with you.

Get assistant

It is not easy to manage the whole week and constantly changing plans and locations. We could recommend you a personal assistant, who would be well navigated in Davos events and locations, as well as managing your personal schedule and introducing you to potential partners, expanding your network when it’s required.

Get Interpreter

Language should not be a barrier for your business. When your Idea is breaking geographical borders, we can help you to feel comfortable with any language you speak or you would like to understand. Best linguist are at your service for the business week in Davos.

Get Driver

The traffic, parking, your own comfort and care of your friends won’t be a challenge anymore if you have a car with personal driver. The car will be able to access high security zones at time of your events. In order to plan it better and make all the arrangements, we would kindly ask you to send a request until 1st of January 2020.

Additional Services

We are caring for our guests and partners. Please let us know your concerns and we will turn it into comfort.

How to get
to Davos

As Davos is a small place, overbooked by the guest of January events and tourists, we checked alternative options for you. It's possible to drive from Zurich (about 2 hours).

There is also a train from Zurich (about 2,5 hours). The earliest one is at 6:37 am (you will arrive at Davos Platz at 8:57 am).

The last train from Davos Platz:

+ to Zurich at 9 pm or 9:50 pm.

+ to Landquart at 9:50 pm. or 11 pm.

+ Chur 9:50 pm or 11 pm.

These might be the best options for you: stay overnight in or near Landquart (by car: 40 minutes; by train: 1.5 hours) or Chur (by car: 1 hour; by train: 1,5 hours) in affordable hotels and take the train to Davos in the morning.

Also please wear stable winter shoes. It is mountains and can be extremely slippery on the roads.

For your car, in case it is not all-wheel drive, please have metal chains for the wheels. In other cases, the local police might not let you drive on mountain serpentines.

After your arrival to Davos, proceed to the badge registration. EmTech IM takes place at the InterContinental Hotel on the 20th of January, at the HardRock Hotel on the 21st of January and at the Steigenberger Grandhotel Belvedere on the 22nd of January


EmTech IM Team:contact@em-tech.org

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