EmTech Investment Meeting 2020

20 January


The first day will shred the light on Innovation & Technology in sustainable finance, global housing shortage and EmTech implementation cases. Among speakers are prominent investment funds and family offices like i(x) Investments, IMAS Foundation,Private Equity & Infrastructure, MN (AUM 160bn), Willis Towers Watson, SUSI Partners AG and other institutional investors. Schaffhausen Institute of Technology will guide us to the world of deep tech. EmTech show cases will be presented by industry leaders and innovators be it humans or AI. While AI will be lead by Robot Sophia; biotech, the synthetic media revolutions and some other topics will show the human’s breakthrough. On which side are you?


Sandro Salsano

President and Chairman
of Salsano Group and
Chairman of Salsano Family Office

Ibrahim AlMojel

CEO of Saudi
Industrial Development Fund

Jeff W. Sullivan

Bellecapital AG

Pär Lindstrom

Chief Investment Officer
i(x) Investments

Dr. Tobias

Founder and Chairman
of SUSI Partners

Henrik Lundin

Chief Investment Officer
at IMAS Foundation


Senior Portfolio Manager
Private Equity & Infrastructure
at MN (EUR 160bn fund)

Carlos Sanchez

Director of Climate
Resilient Finance at WTW

Anna Palmina

Managing Director of

Christian Wipf

Board Member of Schaffhausen
Institute of Technology (SIT)

Randy Norton

Founding Partner at Green Mesa Capital;
Founder and Chairman of MultiGreen

Ivan Ogilchyn

Founding Partner and CEO
of Octagonal Multi-Family Office

Yusef Khesuani

Managing Partner of
VIVAX BIO/ 3D Bioprinting Solutions

Peter Fedichev

Founder of Gero

Arif Khan

Сo-founder and CEO of
Alethea AI


Co-Founder at MultiGreen

Daniyal Baig

Chief Financial Officer
at Forbes Middle East

Brian P.Kean

Head of International IR and
Voice Creation at Sensorium

Evgenii Borisov

CEO & Co-Founder of VIMANA

Sergey Sholom

Founder of GNation Foundation

Dan Patterson

Senior Producer for
CNET and CBS News

David Solomon

CEO of Blueprints

Partners 2020


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